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Bloon Tower Defense 5

A Defensive game where you have to stop balloons to reach their destination by using defensive monkey and other shooting creatures in the game. Monkey is the basic defensive creatures used initially to earn points and then update to different creatures and remove all the entering balloons in your path.

How to play?

Bloon Tower Defense 5 has different creatures, allocated in the store. User have to pick them and place them in the path from where the balloons are entering, these creatures are the attackers in the Bloon Tower Defense each one has it different powers which can be updated time to time by earned points. Different creatures should be place in the way of bloons and  doesn’t let them cross your way is the main objective of the game, with higher levels there comes more difficulty and bloons entering your way will move faster towards their destination and there are Camo and Re-growth bloons too in this series.

Camo and Re-growth bloons are the new obstacles, these bloons comes with multiple layers and needs more attack by monkeys to destroy them. These Bloons are the not easily destroyed and makes it tough for the player to be defensive and cross the level. There are numerous level and according to your learning skills you will reach to your marked checkpoints and maintain the consistency to mark more levels each day.

Steps to play the game(for new user):

  • Choose the level.
  • Place monkey in the Bloons path.
  • Upgrade to new creatures using earned points.
  • Sell your creatures to get a new one.
  • Cross Multiple levels to win the game.

Bloon Tower Defense 5:

Play here the best defense game online for free, without any survey or questioning just visit this website and get this game without any sign-up process as well. This was officially released in 2011 and maintaining its stability all over the time, there are numerous updated from the previous versions.

  • Single and Multi-player.
  • New tracks and tunnels.
  • Specials challenges.
  • Different agents.
  • Difficulty level.
  • Money achievement.
  • Camo and Re-growth Bloons.
  • New creatures.
  • Surprises and Bonus.